Road Marking Data & Analytics

Spec-Rite Online puts you back in the drivers seat, calling the shots. Real time information on fleet location, material usage, application performance and more enable you to be in the driver’s seat from your office. Take your business to the next level with Spec-Rite Online.

  • No cost warranty repairs while subscription is active.
  • Basic maintenance including inspection and testing.
  • Return ground shipping included.

Our Customer Success Manager can help you analyze a report, e to get started.

The GPS data stops recording when the system is turned off. So if the system is turned off at the job site before returning to your home base, the location in SRO is going to show the job site.

We have how-to guides and videos on how to set up custom report templates or schedule reports in the help center found on the dashboard.  if you have other questions or need additional guidance.