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Customer Update | October 10, 2022

Templates & Automation-01-06

We’ve been busy these past few months making major improvements to Spec-Rite Online. Here are a few things we’ve improved just for you. 

Enhanced Reports!

Behind the scenes our engineers have been optimizing the data from your trucks and making sure it comes through accurately and efficiently. Check out our reports and templates pages to create custom reports that give you the personalized data you need to run your operations smoothly.

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Templates & Automation-01-07

New and Improved Fleet Tracking!

We relocated the live equipment map from the dashboard to Skyview. You can now see a full screen map of where your equipment is currently located, updated in real time. Clicking on a truck prompts your equipment table to pop up where you can view all of your equipment real time metrics including details on when it was last actively painting.

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Automated Reports!

With new and improved reports comes automated reporting! Head on over to the scheduling page to set up personalized reports to be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly or however often you like! Keep track of your fleet’s progress right from your inbox.

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