Explore the SkyView Map Layers

Explore the SkyView Map Layers

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Customer Update | June 1, 2022

Explore the SkyView Map Layers

Create multiple “layers” of job and equipment data

  • Setting parameters allow multiple layers to be available at the same time and for the user to swap between layers very easily. 
  • With new layer map options you can analyze and benchmark specific jobs or equipment.
  • Up to five layers can be created at a time but only one job can be selected at a time to properly display the data in the window.

Hiding and showing certain data can help you declutter the map, especially when two jobs connect or are very close to each other. Comments can be toggled on or off for each job and mile markers can be overlaid. 

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How-To Guide

Download the pdf with the instructions on exploring SkyView map layers on Spec-Rite Online. Share the file with your team. 


Report Sample

This week we are featuring a material quality report template. The report features material application rates as well as environmental characteristics. Use this sample as an inspiration to build your next templates!

Quality Report Sample Preview-01
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